Okay, it’s probably the geek in me (definitely the geek in me), but I’ve decided to start versioning my arrangements. Maybe that’s not a real word. Doesn’t matter. Versioning is what software engineers do with, you know, software. They program the software, debug it a bit, decide maybe it’s time to let people use it, and send it out as version 1.0 or whatever. They immediately find something wrong with it and soon here comes version 1.1 (or 1.0.2a – it can get pretty crazy.)

I don’t know why there haven’t been versions marked on music scores before. But that’s what I intend to do. Now, sometimes a new version is released because the software makers have added new features. That probably doesn’t make much sense for a piece of music. (Hmm…, maybe.) And the numbering scheme I use might not have much of a pattern behind it. I mean, what makes something bump from 1.12 to 1.17 or 2.0? Even in the software industry it seems pretty random.

The whole point of this idea is so that you can be sure you’re using the most current arrangement available, if that’s what you want. I’m noticing that very often when creating a new arrangement “done” means “we have to start practicing this soon” and so while the piece is usable, it’s not very pretty (visually I mean.) And then as we rehearse I notice things that weren’t apparent while listening to it on the computer. (Really, you can’t sing those words that fast?) Not to mention when I come back to a piece several months later I’ll discover something I want to do a little differently. So, bottom line is, when I make changes I’ll bump up the version number some amount (maybe that’s what the dice are for) and upload it to the appropriate page. I’ll also post some information about what is different so you can decide if you need to “upgrade” or not.

And remember, here upgrades are always free. At least for now. 😉


  1. Evan Ruttenbur

    Hi Brent,
    This is Evan Ruttenbur.
    I was trying to print Be Still My Soul and it seems the link is broken.
    Can you look into it?

    1. Brent (Post author)

      Thanks Evan and others for this report. Funny how one missing character messes things up. It is fixed now. Hope you enjoy.

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