Most of my SATB arrangements were created since being called as the stake music chairman and thus in charge of the stake choir. Some have turned out better than others. Part of learning. Please use them if you want and send me feedback of your experience with them. They are works in progress and will be updated as is needed or makes sense. Many times it has come down to the wire where I needed to start rehearsals and so dynamics and other markings are a bit lacking.

Detail pages are coming where I will provide info about the song, how it came about, what I was trying to accomplish with it, etc. Also, some performance helps that might be hard to notate on the score.

SATB Scores

Dearest Children, God is Near You01.20.201401.20.20141.0
Secret Prayer09.28.201309.28.20131.0
The Lord Is My Light
Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd
Do What Is Right
God Loved Us, So He Sent His Son
Be Still, My Soul
I Need Thee Every Hour
Joseph Smith's First Prayer
Redeemer of Israel
Sunshine In My Soul
Take Time to be Holy
The Day-dawn Is Breaking
To Be More Like Thee
Come, O Thou King of Kings
God Be With You
Hope of Israel
Love At Home
I Saw A Mighty Angel
Prayer is the Soul's Sincere Desire

More Info

Earlier scores were made using Igor Engraver, which was a wonderful notation editing program but has had some sad history and is no longer being updated. It was well ahead of its time for realistic playback and ease of use. However, it won’t install or work properly on Windows 7 or later so I found it necessary to find another approach. “Do What Is Right” was created using LilyPond ( and Frescobaldi ( which are both open source ($free) and actively developed. I have tried the demos of every major notation program and none of them seem very workable for me, especially considering the prices. LilyPond is not very easy to jump into, but there is a lot of documentation to help you. Give yourself plenty of time before a major deadline and start with something not too complicated. I still need to tweak a few things in “Do What Is Right” but again, we had to start practicing.